- Firo blockchain seems like to be 51% attacked. FIRO related auto exchange requests can be delayed (20th Jan)
- We will remove blockchain stopped, hardforked, or closed mining for more than a year pools.
  MUSIC, GAME, ADX, SXC, XVG, DGB(GRS), ETN, SIA, BTCP pools. DGB(GRS) balances will be transferred to DGB(skein) instead (7th Jan)
- We are closing Zcash pool mining temporarily due to technical issue after the hardfork. Zcash hashrate is routed to mine Zencash instead for now

Contributor Hashrates

Rank User Name KH/s SC/Day

General Statistics

Pool Hash Rate 0.000 TH/s
Current Difficulty 5577342732755188334
Est. Avg. Time per Round (Network) 10 minutes
Est. Avg. Time per Round (Pool) zero seconds
Est. Shares this Round 324644075 (done: 0%)
Next Network Block 296086    (Current: 296085)
Last Block Found 149019
Time Since Last Block 24513 hours 10 minutes 49 seconds
  • These stats are also available in JSON format HERE

Last Found Blocks

Block Finder Time Actual Shares
149019 anonymous 06/04 10:34:41 (UTC) 482,830,808
148081 anonymous 30/03 17:49:45 (UTC) 1,099,622,190
146282 anonymous 18/03 06:47:31 (UTC) 782,027,507
145138 anonymous 10/03 13:02:19 (UTC) 534,580,701
144438 anonymous 05/03 15:58:42 (UTC) 774,002,739
  • Note: Round Earnings are not credited until 70 confirms.